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In a place where the only food is salt and the only companions to be found are those that can be conjured from the objects around her, she hides under a table.

SALT, made in collaboration with and directed by Al Seed, is a one woman  fairytale of domestic violence, resilience and survival told through puppetry, object manipulation and physical theatre.


Manipulate Festival 2019

Assembly Roxy 6-16 November 2019.   

Lighting: Alberto Santos Belido

Costume and set :Zephyr Liddell

Sound: Christopher Lyons


‘The packed house was spellbound by Oliver-Larkin’s performance.’

The Wee Review full review HERE

‘SALT makes an impact. As two objects lay still, left isolated in the banks of white, Oliver-Larkin traces two wings – salt angels if you will. Tiny touches like this, small and unspoken, communicate volumes.

Pieces like SALT will communicate with many, but more so encourage those silent in the audience.’

The Skinny full review HERE
    // Reviews of SALT work in progress at Manipulate Festival 2019 //
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